About company:

More than 30 years in the information technology market. Experience with both small businesses and industry giants (Aeroflot, Microsoft rus, Johnson and Johnson, MPR, others, see “Clients” on the main site).

Infrastructure solutions; user support; cloud solutions, both on our equipment and on third-party platforms, SaaS; design development; website development; software development for web, iOs, Android.


We have developed an anti-crisis program to help small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed, as well as everyone who may or have already lost their job and the only source of income.


The state has not yet taken measures to support small and medium-sized businesses, and is unlikely to provide such measures in the foreseeable future. This means that everything is in our hands and heads;

The most expensive capital is human. We always remain with the same baggage of knowledge, skills and positive qualities that were with us at the beginning of the crisis; we have each other, physically and daily. With us our knowledge, skills and experience, which will help you “choose the right one”;

Together we can handle it.

Suggested solutions:

Providing remote work of your employees – on our or your equipment, as well as control over the implementation of this work;

Urgent or periodic maintenance of your equipment in case it functions and requires service;

Reorganization and transfer of non-core services of your organization (IT, accounting, etc.) to separate business structures, in particular to our company;

Translation of your trading activity online in 1 day (creation of an online store); we are ready to consider joint activities in this direction without your investments, for a percentage of the profit;

Any other tasks that you are unable to cope with yet.


Experience – we have been doing this for over 30 years;

Efficiency in solving both old and new problems;

Extended opening hours – now from 08:00 to 23:00, including weekends;

Transparent budget, flexible payment schemes, including deferred payments;

After the end of the crisis, you can continue to cooperate with us, or refuse our services.

Social function:

Discounts and installment plans for companies in a difficult situation;

And yes, we are still hiring – IT specialists, programmers (iOs, Android), sales specialists – call us on tel. +7(495)784-4864 and send your resume through the “Contacts” form.