Outsourcing – the performance by a third-party organization of certain tasks or some business processes that are usually not core to the company’s business, but, nevertheless, are necessary for the full functioning of the business; a type of service, implying the transfer by the Customer of its current functions to a specialized company, in which the contractor guarantees the performance of the functions specified in the contract in accordance with the approved level of service.

Outstaffing is the provision by a third-party organization of its own or outsourced personnel to solve certain problems or some business processes that are not core to the company’s business, but nevertheless necessary for the full functioning of the business.

Stallion LLC offers outsourcing and outsourcing services for various specialists for your organization. Despite the fact that initially we specialized only in information technology, in recent years we have expanded the range of services provided to include audit, valuation, accounting, human resources, financial and other services.

Unique services provided by our company are top management outstaffing (CIO) and the provision of top-level specialists for the needs of family offices. For more details please contact us. And yes, privacy is paramount in this case.

With significant experience in transferring non-core services to external management, we help our clients not only to assess the expected economic effect of the planned reorganization, but also to carry out the actual reorganization, taking into account the requirements of the legislation and respecting the interests of both business owners and employees.

Pros of outsourcing:

  • profitable

We are the best because:

  • we do not experiment with your resources and time – we just make it so that you can focus on the main tasks of your business;
  • we save your money by not offering costly solutions, the effect of the implementation of which will not match the costs;
  • we use the methodology developed by us, based on ITIL, ITSM, COBIT, PMBOK, Kaidzen;
  • we break down the cost of the services provided by service levels, together with you coming to a reasonable balance of service and its cost;
  • our partners help us to cope with a few situations that go beyond our competence.

For more detailed information about the outsourcing services we provide, please contact us via the feedback form (Contacts) or by phone +7(495)784-4864.