With significant experience in the field of project management, our company successfully implements projects entrusted to us by clients or partners. In many cases, a team of professionals who are the best in their field is recruited to meet the exact requirements of the client for a specific project.

Among the most demanded solutions offered for business today are the following:

  • cloud services for companies. We will help you select and deploy a solution that best suits your needs and financial capabilities, both using our own cloud services and public ones. We respect the law on personal data, and if your company is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, we will offer the best solution taking into account this law;
  • normalization of information technology infrastructure at all topological levels – from the physical to the level of interfaces between end applications, including the consolidation and decentralization of information resources of enterprises;
  • audit and legalization of the software used in the company (LLC “Stallion” has the status of Microsoft Partner);
  • development of iOS applications (iPhone, iPad) for enterprises (Stallion LLC has the status of Apple Partner);
  • Android application development;
  • development of Facebook pages and applications;
  • development of solutions for smart automation of office and residential premises (LLC “Stallion” has the status of Crestron Partner);
  • Creation of a scalable cloud infrastructure for enterprises with a high degree of security (geographically distributed servers, access control);
  • cross-platform migration and updating the technological park of enterprises with the preservation or updating of existing business processes and developments;
  • transferring non-core services (accounting, personnel records, information technology, financial services) to outsourcing;
  • Carrying out an inventory at enterprises and companies distributed throughout the CIS with the provision of the necessary forms of financial statements, classification of losses and the introduction of material liability of employees for the equipment entrusted to them.

Please contact us by phone +7(495)784-4864 or through the feedback form on the Contacts page for more information.