Only by changing ourselves, we change the world around us. Our present is the result of what we have done in the past and the foundation of what we will become in the future. That is why our company is working on the future as we see it. Our innovative solutions are not only in the field of information technology – we are making this world a better place. For all of us.

Innovative solutions currently being developed and implemented by Stallion LLC:

  • Projects carried out at the intersection of several areas of human knowledge, such as, for example, “PRO4” – a project (IT health) to rid mankind of pressure ulcers;
  • Cleaning the streets from ice in a harsh climate without using existing reagent solutions using the new technology “Bordsu”;
  • Development of an automated system for optimizing traffic management in large and medium-sized cities;
  • Acceleration of the work of personal and server systems by using an optimized mechanism for caching programs and data, as well as analyzing the frequency of user actions;
  • EFA – effective audit – analysis and recommendations on the effectiveness of the use of technology by users and clients to obtain automated feedback;
  • Development of a system for preserving temperature regimes for their further use in places with continental and sharply continental climates;
  • Sunlight lamp – optimal for environmentally friendly and healthy lighting of residential and industrial premises;
  • Digital-analogue processing of signals of various spectrum;
  • System of quantum data encryption of a new type, with control over the possibility of various degrees of access;
  • Threaded connection with tightening efficiency exceeding existing analogues by 10 or more times;
  • Development of a solution for the analysis, control and transmission of the olfactory and tactile reactions of humans and animals;
  • Development of a hardware and software solution for the analysis, decoding and relaying of reactions of the human brain;

and many others

If you are interested in any of the innovative projects described on this page – like any company we are interested in cooperation with potential investors – please contact us by phone or through the Contacts page.